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I don't remember the origin of the term "starfish butthole", but my design professor in college used it to refer to really bad work we put on the walls for critique.

Thus, this is my really bad work. And some not-so-bad WIPs that might look pretty later on. And things that inspire me, like awesome illustrations, music, and graphic design work. And geeky things like World of Warcraft and various animes I'm in to. And porn. Lots of that probably. And ranting. And other randomcity I see fit to toss up BECAUSE I DO WHAT I WANT.

WARNING: I like sexy things of all kinds so beware of occasional NSFWish goodies!


E is for Eerie

In celebration of Halloween, 26 days of Spooktacular Letterforms!

  • Client: I'm really interested in doing this super involved and complicated project with you! And I want to make sure that I pay you what you're worth for all your time!
  • Me: Great! *Sends estimate for project*
  • Client: *disappears into the great and vast void never to be heard from again*


I am so pleased.

Oh man this gives me all sorts of design boners. Gorgeous redesign. Simple is beautiful.


10 Commandments of Typography

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The most common ding I give to RPG admins looking for a critique or review from me is the use of serif fonts in their themes. I hope this clears up any confusion as to why serif fonts are obnoxious as hell to read and will make me (and other potential applicants) want to click away from your blog without even attempting to read a thing.

The original infographic can be found here.

Some super good typography knowledge!

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Battle Royale by Brian Lee O’Malley

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typeverything: - Scared of the Dark by Lauren Hom

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Maksim Arbuzov

Hexagon design elements are one of my favorite geometric visual themes, not only for evoking apiculture, but also, by extension, hive-construct futurism themes in science fiction. They have more angular interest than a square or a rectangle, but with interlocking stability and tessellating properties. And the dipper wand built into the cap is a stroke of genius.

Absolutely mouthwatering

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A very good reference for Writers, too.  The color of a room, or someone’s clothing can convey emotion or a state of being, or even set the tone for a setting or a situation.

Colors often come with ingrained connotations - they certainly have strong meanings in Asian cultures, and in European cultures they have intrinsically understood meanings.

Red - passion, blood, anger, fire (for example)

This is going in my writer’s journal.

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Voting has started! Help make this tshirt a reality!

That went up far faster then I expected! My heart skipped a beat when I got the notice. Please vote for me if you like this design and want to see it made into a shirt, or if you just plain like me and want to make me happy! If the design wins, the money I will receive will be added to my cat fund, in order for me to afford having kitties in the future!

All reblogs would be SUPER APPRECIATED!

I know some extra incentive might sweeten the pot! So if this design wins, I am going to give one shirt away for free to someone who reblogs this, raffle style! I can’t check if everyone who reblogs also actually votes, but if you don’t vote it also won’t win! So seems fairly straightforward doesn’t it? Vote if you want a shirt!

Thank you all so very very much, this is the first time I’m trying something like this and I hope for the best!

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typeverything: - Reputation squad by Jasse Kyttanen.

W-Wow. Wow. This is awesome.