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I don't remember the origin of the term "starfish butthole", but my design professor in college used it to refer to really bad work we put on the walls for critique.

Thus, this is my really bad work. And some not-so-bad WIPs that might look pretty later on. And things that inspire me, like awesome illustrations, music, and graphic design work. And geeky things like World of Warcraft and various animes I'm in to. And porn. Lots of that probably. And ranting. And other randomcity I see fit to toss up BECAUSE I DO WHAT I WANT.

WARNING: I like sexy things of all kinds so beware of occasional NSFWish goodies!


Cover day continues!

Also by me and the great Matt Wilson, here’s the cover for Valiant’s Punk Mambo #0.  

Did this awhile back - excited it’s finally out!  (I may have been watching a lot of American Horror Story at the time…)

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Today at Oh Joy Sex Toy, famed porno cartoonist extraordinaire JESS FINK talks to us about erotic comics!

I did a guest strip for Erika Moen’s wonderful, Oh Joy Sex Toy!


Pain Train by Mark Pain [website | tumblr | twitter | facebook]

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Oh look someone did a comic about suddenlyapples



"I Want to Live"

I drew this comic yesterday and today it’s up on The Nib.

Important read on depression by Erika Moen.

This is really beautifully done and a great perspective.

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an artist’s favorite question

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Hey blacksirensolo look what me and daggerjaw picked up! Sadly they didn’t have #2 so I will have to hunt for it. It’s gorgeous!


I showed my friend the new Wii U trailer for Hyrule Warriors featuring Ganondorf and his big poofy hair. Said friend demanded I draw a scene about his new fluffy locks and summer humidity. Ask and ye shall receive? As much as I try to keep things loose and quick I always end up taking a long time!
Also let’s play the “Just how many different styles can I fit into one comic and how off model can I get ” game. Granted I don’t draw Gerudos like in the official illustrations, but I can’t seem to keep drawing the same face/style twice. Also, this was meant to be silly so if you feel dialog is out of character, it’s because it more than probably is.
Anyway, I’ll probably be sparse within the next few days (weeks) so you can all rest easy. No more crazy reblogs or dumb doodles of ninja turtles and Zelda :p

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The title really says it all: whether you like something futuristic, some fantastic, or something a little dark and a lot of twisty, here are 19 comics in the perfect starter guide to our favorite graphic novels! 

Click on the links below to find each of them in our catalog!


Sweet Tooth

The Walking Dead

Y: The Last Man

DMZ: On the Ground


American Vampire



Rat Queens

Fables: Legends in Exile

The Unwritten

Sex Criminals

The Goon

Sin City


John Constantine: Hellblazer

100 Bullets



This list is spot on! I’ve read a lot of these and those that I haven’t, I’ll be checking out.


Alana, Marko and Hazel from ‘Saga’. Best family in the world.

Oh this is awesome! Best comic is best.

Yuri manga by women about women (who aren’t in high school)


Sadly a lot of them are one shots, but there’s a few longer ones. A lot of yuri manga is tragically too short and I’m always left wanting more. D: 

After some struggles with myself, I ended up putting stories about college aged women so long as it’s not “innocent school life” heavy. 

Yamaji Ebine

  • Love my Life (this one has a movie. A uni student coming out to her father and finding that her parents were both queer as well.)
  • Indigo Blue (A novelist caught between feelings for her boyfriend but also her feelings for another woman.)
  • Free Soul (22 year old aspiring manga artist writing a manga about a black jazz singer. Artist falls for a trumpeter of a jazz band.)
  • Sweet Lovin Baby (A young woman befriends a lesbian couple and falls for them. With three other short stories.)  

Morishima Akiko

  • Conditions for Paradise- An OL in love with a world hopping freelance journalist
  • We’re Aiming for Love Now (Journalist and a cutie in a cosplay store)
  • Happy Picture Diary - (REALLY FUNNY. An social worker and an editor’s daily life together. All chibi but with some really real lesbian life jokes)
  • Off-Time (an aging lesbian short one shot)
  • 20-Year-Old Girl x 30-Year-Old Maiden- (one shot, a 30 year old sensitive about her age with a 20 year old woman in her art class)
  • Princess of the Stars- (short- almost didn’t make it b/c high school flashbacks but it’s college roomies and it’s short and sweet- and challenges that “girls experiment with girls in high school then grow out of it” thing that people in Japan sometimes think)

Other Artists: 

  • Ohana Holoholo: Torino Shino (Saya lives with her bisexual former girlfriend and her son. Nico, an actor living up stairs and a close friend, drops by for a visit almost everyday.  Somewhat like family, and somewhat not, a story about their lives)
  • My Unique Day-Sakamoto Mano (women in an acting troupe together. one shot)
  • Abracadabra- Tanaka Minoru (a magician and a cute girl dealing with confessing to a girl for the first time)
  • Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep- Mizutani Fuka (two women with the same name meet. Warnings for self harm)
  • Cirque Arachne: Saida Nika (Two women working in the circus in a trapeze act. Stellar cute.)   
  • Maple Love- Otsu Hiyori (meeting in college; really cute)

Two that I recommend but are set apart from the others because one is written by a man and one is written with the male audience in mind respectively

This is by no means an exhaustive list and I know there’s more (one particularly that I wanted to put on here but couldn’t remember the title of) so feel free to add on your favorite adult queer lady manga to the list!

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Page 5 of Warchief is now up!


Finally just got around to getting my sub! Awwwwyissss.



Day time crew! We launched yesterday and I couldn’t be any happier with the overwhelming positive response, thank you all for making Full Circle so much fun to share!

Please support Full Circle! I am so excited about this comic!