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I don't remember the origin of the term "starfish butthole", but my design professor in college used it to refer to really bad work we put on the walls for critique.

Thus, this is my really bad work. And some not-so-bad WIPs that might look pretty later on. And things that inspire me, like awesome illustrations, music, and graphic design work. And geeky things like World of Warcraft and various animes I'm in to. And porn. Lots of that probably. And ranting. And other randomcity I see fit to toss up BECAUSE I DO WHAT I WANT.

WARNING: I like sexy things of all kinds so beware of occasional NSFWish goodies!


Demons, amirite?

Also on Tapastic~


Important, always-relevant comic done by the wonderful Ursa Eyer.

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I posted these unlettered pages and a few more to our kickstarter page!!! Looking at these makes me very happy!

Support the kickstarter for Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Grinidon, where you meet lovely (and some not-so-lovely) characters with mysterious and awesome backstories!

There is something for everyone in this story, I hope you enjoy these!



Omg that tiny sad Ner’zhul makes me laugh way too hard.


A practice thing~

Martin (freckles) belongs to xhakhal
Jasper is mine.



Now the issue’s out we can actually make some noise about the variant cover for issue 4 by the all-powerful god of fashion Sultriness, KEVIN WADA.

(We didn’t, as the cover could be considered a spoiler. If you squint.)

The cut off date for issue 4 is Monday, so if you talk to your shop before then, your shop should be able to secure it for you.

The order code is: JUL148049.

Eeehehee :D

I think I need to start buying this comic!



"I’m sick of how bisexuality is erased in LGBT spaces. I get really nervous before any LGBT event, especially Pride. I feel incredibly sad and hopeless when gay and lesbian people call me insulting names. If gay and lesbian people don’t understand me – Continue reading Prejudice at Pride at Empathize This

This just punched me in the heart.

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So have I told you guys about this, yet?

This is an experimental GN I just finished up the script for. It’s about 134 pages, and it’s period erotica, c. 1963-65. (Think the first three seasons of Mad Men.)The plot concerns lifestyle femdom, comic strips, closet cases, and some poor dumb kid what kinda wishes he was a beatnik sometimes, cuz they liked boys too and everybody seemed pretty okay with it.

The stars are Joseph (the blonde), Roya (the woman) and Wylie (the brunette). The art is by ghostgreen. We’re aiming for a year-long production, with a Kickstarter to get it published.

If this works (as in, if the book is well-received, if the KS succeeds), I’ll make more sexy GNs, and hire some other folks to make some, too. I’ll make a whole line of these. Erotic GNs.

Maybe you’ll write one? I dunno.

Yes I would very much like to read this and give it my money and own it.


Cover day continues!

Also by me and the great Matt Wilson, here’s the cover for Valiant’s Punk Mambo #0.  

Did this awhile back - excited it’s finally out!  (I may have been watching a lot of American Horror Story at the time…)

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Today at Oh Joy Sex Toy, famed porno cartoonist extraordinaire JESS FINK talks to us about erotic comics!

I did a guest strip for Erika Moen’s wonderful, Oh Joy Sex Toy!


Pain Train by Mark Pain [website | tumblr | twitter | facebook]

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Oh look someone did a comic about suddenlyapples



"I Want to Live"

I drew this comic yesterday and today it’s up on The Nib.

Important read on depression by Erika Moen.

This is really beautifully done and a great perspective.

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