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I don't remember the origin of the term "starfish butthole", but my design professor in college used it to refer to really bad work we put on the walls for critique.

Thus, this is my really bad work. And some not-so-bad WIPs that might look pretty later on. And things that inspire me, like awesome illustrations, music, and graphic design work. And geeky things like World of Warcraft and various animes I'm in to. And porn. Lots of that probably. And ranting. And other randomcity I see fit to toss up BECAUSE I DO WHAT I WANT.

WARNING: I like sexy things of all kinds so beware of occasional NSFWish goodies!


burned my hand curling my hair today

worth it

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A LOT of you have been asking… Now I know my post with the 10$ offer has been going around making everyone believe I still did them, so I had to reject a million people. For that I apologize, perhaps I could have handled this better, but I suck at things. 

I don’t expect a lot of people, but just in case:
6 slots open

E-mail me at



There are about a billion arrangements of “Bad Apple!!” but this one, performed with traditional Japanese instruments, is one of the best and most unique that I’ve seen. 

It’s the complete opposite of the bouncy techno remixes (which, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy) that make up a lot of Touhou Project fan music, and actually feels a lot truer to the nature of Gensokyo.

Sounds like an Okami track, now <3 amazing

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Okay between super sensual smut RPs and jammin’ Janelle Monae all morning I’m feelin’ pretty sexy at work right now.



raerianna said: Someone did their reading. *proud beaming*

Thank you! I was hoping everything checked out okay. I owe all of that knowledge to you for getting that link to me! You’re the best.


Don’t thank me darling, thank
for giving us such a wealth of knowledge with her dedication to troll lore and her amazing imagination with all the various head canons. T - if you read this, thanks girlie. Your trollin’ Thursdays is what I direct all my guildies to when they ask about how to troll. Its helped create at least three new ones thus far.

Awww thanks <3 But you are the one that took that lore (which was also made up of the lore of lots of other people so let’s give them some love too!) and did something awesome with it. So give yourself troll hugs!

Death threats drive Anita Sarkeesian from her home ›

I feel like any arguments you could make against Anita’s videos are just…moot at this point. How can we even have critical debates and discussions about their subject matter when people think she is deserving of this sort of shit because she dare present the topic?

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Fenris dakimakura commission for Рёта.

Samuel Cirnansck - Fall Winter 2013 2014

I love how these are a mix of hard armor-like forms and delicate silhouettes. So gorgeous <3

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favourite anime series in no particular order
↳ gankutsuou

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{Trollin’ Thursday} On Friday!

Sorry, troll lovers, but because we’re still finalizing the judging of the Loremaster contest, I am just going to delay Trollin’ Thursday tomorrow. Winners will be announced around 1 PM CST, followed by the posting of all of the entries for your viewing perusal!

Remember that there is a person on the other side of that text

I appreciate all of the love in light of these nasty anons. It’s very appreciated, but unnecessary. Nothing these snarky, insecure, immature faceless people that are one in billions of individuals that have no direct connection to me could say could make me feel bad. Angry, sure, but in the end, I will be alright. I still feel good about myself. I’m still happy.

But to those anons, or anyone that considers saying something shitty to someone through the veil of anonymity: I could be someone who is easily affected by the words of others. I could be very emotionally sensitive. I could be having a horrible day. I could be depressed or even suicidal. I could be on that very last straw.

You have no idea what your shitty behaviour could do to someone. Or maybe you do, and you don’t give a shit.

dbananza asked: what are examples of what you were saying, sketch v finished??



Well, the sketchy picture that is unexpectedly getting so much love is the one I did for Drav. I call it a sketch because, beyond some work in the background and some shading, I didn’t do any rendering at all. But it’s still on the more detailed spectrum of a sketch. Similar to this one or even this one.

The picture of Varhys, on the other hand, is somewhere in the middle leaning more toward fully rendered (if not over-rendered in some portions).

Finished/fully rendered would be like this picture of Seregon and Taye.

People define “sketch” in different ways. Some think it’s just line work with minimal coloring. Others, like myself, think of it as minimal rendering no matter what the medium or form.

But for really evocative, sketchy artwork, just check out sketchchump and danscratch who are like my sketch drawing senpais. I aspire to be able to attain the sort of loose, yet “defined” sketchiness that they are able to achieve.

There are a lot of good things going on in that Dah’ti sketch that make it so appealing, to be fair. Not that the fully rendered pieces aren’t good too, but the bright colors, solid and energetic forms, and composition of the sketch are more visually appealing overall. Then again I really enjoy chunky concept art where brush strokes are laid down sparingly, but decisively. I am also hella guilty of over rendering.

Thanks for your input! That is actually really helpful because, at first, I just didn’t get it. It’s not that I didn’t like the picture or didn’t try to do well with it; it’s just I did it with such mindlessness that I was kind of like “wait what?” when people started responding to it. It’s not so much that I focused on all its flaws and the fact that it is so unfinished (though kinda sorta). I just didn’t (and still don’t, admittedly) see all those aspects about it.

It’s so very different, viewing your artwork as a creator v. viewing at as a part of the audience. While there are so many details and internal aspects that we as artists are aware of (mostly in the process), there is something that the audience always sees that we cannot immediately notice. I am not at all negating what people see in that picture, but I admit I am just like “I don’t get it 8B”