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I don't remember the origin of the term "starfish butthole", but my design professor in college used it to refer to really bad work we put on the walls for critique.

Thus, this is my really bad work. And some not-so-bad WIPs that might look pretty later on. And things that inspire me, like awesome illustrations, music, and graphic design work. And geeky things like World of Warcraft and various animes I'm in to. And porn. Lots of that probably. And ranting. And other randomcity I see fit to toss up BECAUSE I DO WHAT I WANT.

WARNING: I like sexy things of all kinds so beware of occasional NSFWish goodies!

Anonymous asked: any plans on doing something similar to the troll loremaster challenge again in the future?

Yep! With Halloween coming up, I’ll be announcing the second Hallow’s End Art and Writing contest. If you missed it last year, it’s very similar to the Loremaster contest, just specifically themed for the holiday. And I’m sure I’ll do another Loremaster Challenge next year.

if you’re a s t r o n g f e m a l e you don’t need permission

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Anonymous asked: My bets are on an overwhelming sudden urge to write more.

Then you lose money on that. In fact, you have to pay more than anyone else that put into the pot because the chances I will write anything today beyond some RP responses is negative zero.

Sorry, Anon, but my focus has been a little too all over the place for focusing on any writing (and I have legit been busy). I feel bad, seeing as how I had picked up my old fanfic and had plans for a new one and some other projects, but I’ve been more about art making than anything. I have also been struggling with moving forward with my current writing projects, which has put a halt on all of my other ones because I feel like I can’t start anything new without finishing the old.

I have written a short comic that I’ll be producing this fall/winter after Blizzcon. And I have some other short comic ideas in the works. I hope that will satiate you.

It’s Labor Day and I’ve got a day off and nowhere I have to go. I even have food and booze from my parents’ Labor Day party we had yesterday so I don’t even have to interact with anyone like a pizza guy or something.

My goal is to clean my apartment, put up my new shelf, hang pictures, and finally unbox my new SDCC toys to put up on said shelf by the afternoon, so that way I will have plenty of time to game and sloth around in a clean apartment with no regrets or feelings of guilt for not having done the shit I’ve been trying to do for a month.

Let’s see if I’ll accomplish that…or simply lay around all day playing with San and browsing Tumblr and watching Bob’s Burgers.

Place yer bets.

Foam and Worbla armour MEGA TUTORIAL

Tutorial by AmenoKitarou

Super duper awesome and helpful! I am totally going to try this out for my Garrosh cosplay.

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Commission for saburwulf of his very sexy Navael playing with my naughty demi-god Rashmi. Rashmi thinks he is oh-so-clever, trussing Navael up and having his way with him. But he better watch out when Navael gets down from there…


[Turquoise Jeep playing softly in the background]


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In high school, I was worried I was going to grow up one day and not be interested in all the weird nerdy things that I was into.

And I can safely say the exact opposite has happened and I may need to calm down a little.

I was musing about something similar a few days ago. When I graduated from college, despite the fact that I started getting into computer gaming and even more into Warcraft, I felt this need to “exude more adultness.” When I got my first big girl job and moved into my new apartment, it was all maturely decorated and shit. Though I coveted them, I made it a point not to buy anime and video game posters and figurines and such because I thought they’d “mess up my grown up aesthetic” and I wouldn’t be able to display them. I’ve never enjoyed wearing t-shirts, but I never bought any fandom related wearbles and accessories because I always questioned when and where I’d be able to wear them.

Now I’ve pretty much gone the opposite direction and fully embraced my nerdiness. All of my nerd posters are just nicely framed, and I’ve got fancy shelves for my figurines and toys. I give zero fucks about reflecting or embodying some idea of what it means or looks like to be an adult. I’ve become as engrossed in weird nerdy things as I was in high school and college. I just feel like now I’m in my own comfortable space, both figuratively and literally, that I can express them.


Davojh, OC of effingshamwow. XD

Gotta love them barbarians.